Before it was ours…

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Before we get too far ahead in the renovation process, I wanted to post some before photos and talk a little bit about how we bought our Airstream.

We found our Airstream listed online.  We live in Florida and the Airstream was in California.

We did have the trailer inspected by someone in California before we bought it.  He caught a few minor issues but didn’t catch others.  Overall, the trailer was in good shape and was roadworthy.

This particular trailer caught our eye because it was the right year and the layout seemed perfect for our needs.  At 28 ft, it was about 2 ft shorter than what we had been aiming for – but we wouldn’t have to modify the existing floor plan significantly.

airstream 28 fp

We had previously looked at a 2005 Safari 30 ft bunk-house with the Queen bed in the front.  By the time we planned and re-arranged everything the way we wanted, we would have spent way too much money fixing it up.

So we opted to lose 2 ft (which in RV-life is a whole lot of closet space) – but we figured we could make it work.

The previous owner had already removed the dinette – which we would have done anyway. The L-shaped couch provides a great and practical TV watching area and the floor plan has the split bathroom layout that we wanted.

These before pictures are from the listing.  Similar to pictures you might see of a staged house on, the photos show the trailer at its best.  When it arrived to us, it was not as clean and there was more wear and tear than we were expecting – one drawback of not being able to view the trailer in person.

We probably would have offered a lower price if we had seen it in person- but knowing that we are replacing most of what is worn and the fact that trailer was priced well within range for the year and size – we feel good about the purchase.

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In the next week or so we will post in-progress renovation pictures.  We already pulled out the desk and started ripping off the wall-fabric (endearingly referred to as mouse-fur).

More to come!

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