Remodel – Phase I

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The remodel has started!

We decided to rely on professionals to tackle some of the bigger remodel items – flooring, electrical upgrade, new kitchen, reupholstering the couch, and some more intricate demo.

Here are some of the in-progress photos:

The kitchenette.

The photo on the left shows what was behind the old kitchenette.  We installed two new A/Cs with heat pumps and so removed the furnace and duct work to maximize storage in the new kitchenette (shown right).  That is the new sink and induction cook-top waiting to be installed.

The cabinetry is all IKEA.

The Living Room.

The couch was removed to install the new flooring.  We also had the old fabric removed from the framing.  We opted not to recover the frame with fabric, but to leave the underlying wood exposed.  We plan to either paint, stain, or seal it.

The Office.

The desk area is the one custom portion of the renovation.  We are installing additional butcher block prep space and a desk.  We also had them plumb to accommodate a washer/dryer combo or dishwasher.  We can’t decide what we want there – if anything – but decided to have it all installed while doing the rest of the renovation rather than trying to do it later.

You can also see our new floors peeking out from under the protective cardboard.

The bedroom.

We entirely gutted the bedroom.  We removed the huge wardrobes that took up most of the space along with the built in bed frame that did a pretty terrible job of providing storage space. We lost the upper cabinets as a result because the wardrobes were providing the primary support for them.  We also removed the exterior storage box and leveled the flooring so we could put whatever type of bed we wanted in the space.

The one area not pictured (because I forgot) is the bathroom.  It’s pretty much gutted at this point and we are installing a new toilet, counter-top, and sink.  We are stuck with the existing cabinet frame and shower for now – due to costs – but I plan to use stainless adhesive tile to freshen up the walls (that currently have wall paper) and will paint the cabinets.

We are very excited that it’s coming along so well!  Almost ready.

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  1. I must say guys, this is pretty awesome!!


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