Servicing Our Airstream

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While our Airstream was fairly new by Airstream standards, we expected that it would need some basic servicing given that it is 11 years old and had a couple of previous owners.

The great thing about living in Florida is the large community of seasonal and full-time RV’ers.  There are quite a few RV-focused businesses located close by.  We took the Airstream to a local RV dealership / servicing center that we had visited in the past while shopping around for our Airstream:  Lazy Days.

Overall, we had a good experience.  Our service representative was very helpful and responsive.  The only negative was the time.  It took almost 4 weeks to get the Airstream inspected and serviced.  We also considered using Lazy Days for our remodeling but ultimately went a different route (will explain in more detail in the remodeling section).

Because we would be living in our Airstream – we really wanted to be proactive and avoid any surprise maintenance issues.  Because really, if we need to bring the Airstream in for repairs or maintenance, we would be homeless while it is in the shop.

We had Lazy Days perform an extremely thorough inspection.  Below are some highlights of what we ended up addressing.

Note:  To my brother-in-law who owns his own shop – YES, we spent a lot of money on stuff that would have taken you 5 minutes – but hey – we all have our skills and RV maintenance is not one of ours…Yet.

  1. Pre-delivery Inspection – thorough inspection of Airstream – essentially the same inspection they would give any of their pre-owned RVs prior to delivery.
  2. Replaced rear-storage seals (some leaking / water damage found during inspection).
  3. New spare tire.
  4. Replaced broken break-away switch / cable.
  5. Replaced worn safety chains and clip.
  6. Replaced exterior patio light lens.
  7. Replaced broken bedroom vent assembly / crank.
  8. Replaced screen door foam gasket and entry door seal.
  9. Repair Grey water tank valve-leak.
  10. Replaced shower drain assembly.
  11. Replace broken entry way steps.
  12. Replaced brake magnets.
  13. Replace rear tail lights.
  14. Two Axle Service.
  15. New awning hooks.

The total cost of service ended up being around $3,700.00.  Which I realize is some Airdreamer’s entire Airstream budget – but it was worth it for us to have peace of mind and not have had to find the time, space, equipment, and knowledge to do it ourselves.

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