Week 1 – Living the Airdream

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We made it through our first week living the Airdream!

We moved the Airstream to the RV Park on Friday afternoon and spent the weekend moving in.  One positive result of the renovation taking longer than expected – we were super organized and ready by the time moving day arrived.  All our Airstream specific items were boxed up and ready to go.


The great news is everything fits!  Now we just need to work on refining the organization so it works practically for every day use.

My first lesson learned – I incorrectly assumed I could just run to Target and get a few miscellaneous first-week items.  Maybe I just got unlucky with our local Target, but our first-week trip was a complete bust.  I went to get a shower curtain, Sterlite drawers, a pull out under sink trash bin, and a shower caddy.  I came away completely empty handed and ended up ordering everything online.  Which is convenient and great, but just meant we didn’t have any of those things the first week and instead ended up using the camp showers (which are terrific), plastic buckets for our clothes, and grocery bags tied to the cabinet for trash.

Otherwise – we had a great week and the space is a perfect size – we actually have room left in our upper cabinets!

Check out the view from the on-site restaurant!


More interior photos to come once I get some of the boxes out of the way….

One thought on “Week 1 – Living the Airdream

  1. Still there or under water? She probably floats!


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