Renovation Journey – Move-in Ready.

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The Airstream is definitely move-in ready – although we have quite a few things left on our list of upgrades – notably the bathroom and stripping and polishing the walls.

In the meantime, here is a little before and after:

The bedroom.

Optimizing Storage and fitting a regular sized queen bed.

In order to optimize the storage space, we removed the wardrobes (but did lose the upper cabinets in the process), and removed an exterior storage compartment that took up a lot of space under the bed.

We purchased a queen size bed frame (60 X 80) that has 17 inches of clearance from the floor.

With a little measuring, mixing and matching we found a great combination of Sterilite drawers to store our clothes.  I actually have MORE drawer space than I did at the house.

We then added some hooks on the walls and purchased hangers from the container store that can hold up to five items in a tiered orientation that works great to hold all of our work clothes for the week that need to stay wrinkle free.


The Bathroom.

Still a work in progress.

We replaced the sink, faucet, and counter-top, as well as the toilet.  We also removed the lower cabinets on the right and left it open for storage.

The Living Room.

Cozy, comfy, TV time.

Certainly MY favorite room in the Airstream.

We custom built a shelf at the end of the couch so we could fit the largest TV possible without mounting it.

We also replaced the couch cushions with newly upholstered super-dense foam and minimized the number of cushions for additional comfort.

The Kitchen.

Fully functional.

We removed the old kitchenette and installed an IKEA kitchen.  The professionals hacked it a bit for us so that it not only fits perfectly, but is nice and sturdy.

The kitchen design was extremely easy.  We had 66 inches of space to work with and selected a 36 inch base cabinet for the sink and a 30 inch base cabinet for the cook top and oven – with a lower drawer that fits all the pots and pans and then some.

The Desk.

Gamer’s den + Additional Prep Space.

The previous owner had already removed the space-consuming dinette and converted that area to a desk space.

We kept with the same idea but installed a custom desk area so Ryan could game comfortably and we could utilize the existing mount space from the old TV.

We designed the counter-top to fit both Ryan and leave additional kitchen prep space for cooking.

Under the prep space is an open area we are currently using for laundry and other storage but we also had it plumbed and framed for a washer/dryer combo.  Right now we are parked right across from the laundry and we aren’t sold on a combo model that seems worth it yet – but we wanted the option.

That is our whole new house!!  In a nutshell.  Here is a slideshow below of all the new photos for optimal viewing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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