Week 2 – Tropical Storms and Bugs.


In our second week of living the Airdream we came face to face with some of the less pleasant aspects of living in Florida – bad weather and lots of bugs.

Bad Weather…

Towards the end of our second week we were visited by Hurricane Hermine – or really, Hermine’s slightly less intense feeder bands.


We were not evacuated and were lucky to have this opportunity to experience the stellar aerodynamics of our new place.

We don’t typically have a water-view, but had some nice ponds around our Airstream for a few days.

We had some gnarly rain and wind and the whole RV park was pretty mushy, but we didn’t sustain any damage.

However, we did notice one of our windows had a slow leak.  Right behind our couch on the kitchen side – which is bad for a number of reasons.  One, the couch is right there so the leak could have damaged our new cushions.  But more importantly, the window is situated right above all our major electrical components and appliances.

Our super amazing friend, neighbor, and fellow Airdreamer – Sheldon – came to our rescue and helped us administer a temporary solution to get us through the next few days of rain.  But eventually, we will have to re-seal the window.


Surprise, surprise – Florida is full of bugs.  We learned very quickly to frequently apply bug repellent and to start treating the area around our Airstream.  Because we have the little one – Zoe – we only use the natural treatment options for outside.  To start, we’ve used a combination of EcoSmart and Cutter Natural repellent.

For ourselves, we’ve tried both the natural and the Deet heavy products.  We’ve both been the victim of either ant or mosquito attacks and are looking forward to what they call Winter in Florida.

Other less fun stuff…

RV Toilets and Black Water Tanks

Another fun learning experience as first time Airdreamers – living with a black water tank to manage all your family waste needs.

Our Airstream was pre-owned and the black water tank was not very well cared for.  In addition, the trailer had been sitting unused during the service and remodel.  As a result, we were immediately dealing with some sewer flies and a smell problem.

We decided not to use the bathroom for any solid waste until we were able to properly treat and clean the tank.  No reason to add to the problem.

We first tried the Porta-Paks which seemed to get great reviews.  The only problem is I don’t want my Airstream smelling like a porta-potty any more than I want it smelling like sewage.  The chemical deodorizer gave me an instant headache and I don’t think the fact that it also comes in lavender is going to solve that problem.

You will find no shortage of blogs, articles, and opinions online about how to treat your black water tank.  Because we were dealing with smell and some flies – we settled on a combo treatment of bleach, borax, and water softener.

The treatment quickly eradicated the fly issue and hopefully the smell does not return.

We also have a small leak issue with our newly installed toilet.  Since we are living in our Airstream – we can’t exactly tow it back to the place we had it installed and leave it to get fixed.  We ordered a new flange and are going to try and fix it ourselves – we will let you know how it goes.


Bottom Line – don’t trust the built-in leveler on your trailer.

The More Fun Stuff….

Earlier in the week we had some fun picking out blinds.  We found some great custom vendors like Oceanair shades for Airstreams.  They looked great, but by the time we sized everything and filled up our cart – the price had added up to almost $500.

Instead, I found some amazing blinds at IKEA (yes IKEA saves the day once again).  The Tupplur block-out blinds come in a number of different sizes in gray, black, or white.  We were able to find just the right sizes for all of our windows and the gray works perfectly with our décor.  Total cost – a little less than $250.

*** I forgot to mention the first time I published this entry that the blinds also allow for under-mount installation – which is amazing in an Airstream.  No need to screw into the aluminum – you can mount the blind under the cabinet!


Overall we are LOVING LIVING the AIRDREAM.

I bought a Dyson Hand-held vacuum which is AMAZING and covers the whole Airstream.  It’s small and fits right behind our couch and is perfect.  As does our tiny ironing board, a few of my purses, and the iron.  But more on storage later.

We have mastered multi-rooming, thanks in large part to Ryan’s ingenuity and the purchase of excellent headphones.  I can watch TV and he can multi-player game – side-by-side – and it works perfectly – as pictured here:



2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Tropical Storms and Bugs.

  1. We’re actually going to get those blinds, thanks for the info. Fingers crossed for an early winter.


  2. Glad you guys made it through the storm! We had some issues with leaks during the Texas floods this spring. No fun! Also, a few notes on the smell coming from your tanks. You can hire someone to come out and pressure wash the inside of your black tank. We did this and it really helps. Just hire a reputable company because I’ve heard that too strong of a pressure can blow a hole in the tank. This might help with the smell. It also helps to clean the gunk off of your tank sensors so that you can gauge the fill level accurately. If you have “waste” stuck on the sensors they might read fuller than they actually are. Second, check that the vent for your black tank is not clogged or damaged. If the tank is not venting properly if could be venting into the RV, which is not ideal. So happy you guys are enjoying the RV life!


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