Week 10 – Adjusting to the Airdream Life

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It’s almost hard to believe we’ve been living the Airdream for 10 weeks.

I have no regrets and absolutely love living in our Airstream.

We haven’t made much progress with the few remaining updates – notably, the bathroom or walls.  But we have definitely settled into a nice routine.

The Airstream is extremely functional and suits all of our needs.

However, there have been some adjustments.

Not having a closet.

I find it challenging not having a closet.  The under-bed storage is more than sufficient to store all my clothing, but having everything in drawers means a lot more ironing.  So if I don’t motivate myself on Sundays to iron and hang my work clothes for the week, I find myself scrambling in the mornings to get ready because I have to pull out the ironing board.

Ryan agrees.

Not having a dishwasher.

Ryan: “I have a dishwasher named Megan.”  Isn’t he sweet?

Not having a washer / dryer.

This has been the least challenging adjustment.  We did plumb for a combo washer/dryer unit in case it became a necessity, but we parked right next to the laundry facility at our RV Park.

I’ve settled into a nice weekend routine.  I get all of the week’s laundry, including linens, washed and dried in under two hours.  I usually coordinate my laundry time with my friend Sara, so the time really flies and it’s a great chance to catch up.

Not having a yard.

Zoe gets walks in the morning, afternoon, and lots in the evening.  There is a dog park right across from our current spot.  So she gets to socialize more with new puppy pals!   I don’t think she misses the yard too much.

She still keeps an eye out for squirrels from her perch behind the couch….


Less space.

The Airstream has plenty of space.  We just eliminated superfluous areas (dining room, guest bedroom) and condensed the spaces we do use.

With that being said –the bathroom and bedroom spaces do feel tight at times.

The shower would be vastly improved if we had the original shower door and not a curtain.  The curtain tends to blow inward and reduces the space further.  I think once we replace the shower door it will feel less cramped.

In the bedroom we used a regular queen-size bed frame.  Because of this, we can’t actually walk around the bed.  There is only about 3-4 inches between the end of the bed frame and the wall.  The bedroom dimensions assume a 75 inch bed.  Crawling over the bed can get tedious.  But not having something custom built saved quite a bit of money and the extra storage we gained removing the old bed frame and wardrobes made it totally worth it.

Things we learned in the last few weeks:

LED Lighting.  Not all is created equal.

We upgraded the lights throughout the Airstream with LED bulbs.  We had good success with the first few bulbs but had a terrible experience with the second batch we ordered.  They burned so hot they melted off whatever coating was on them and burnt out – all the while emitting a nasty plastic melting smell.  The final set of lights we picked were amazing – they’re bright and so far haven’t started smoking.

Change of Scenery….

Sadly, we have to relocate from our current RV Park.  We are getting kicked out for the winter season due to limitations on space.  We made reservations at another local RV park, but it is across the Bay and pretty far from the office.

As an alternative, our amazing co-worker offered us space in his back yard.  To accommodate the Airstream, we installed a 50 amp service on the exterior of the house.  We still have to figure out the maneuvering and placement of the trailer but fortunately, his place is super close to the office and is an awesome option if we can make it work.

That is pretty much it.  We are having a great experience!

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