Home Sweet Home Portland

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It’s been quite a while since we updated Airdreaming!  In the last couple of months, we packed up and relocated back to Portland, Oregon.

No – we didn’t end up buying a tow vehicle.  We used U-Ship to get the Airstream back to Oregon and drove our Subaru.  This was probably a good call for a couple of reasons, notably – being new RV’ers we knew that having our first time towing the Airstream be across the entire country in the middle of Winter would be no fun.

While we mostly drove straight through, we decided to take some time to see the Grand Canyon – picture below with Zoe marveling at the great expanse.


The typical cross-country route for Tampa, FL to Portland, OR takes you diagonally across the country, usually I-70 or I-80 up to I-84.  That is the way we traveled to Florida.  But that was in the middle of the summer.  With the wacky weather across the country at the turn of the new year, we took a more southern route, I-10, to I-20, to I-40, and then up I-5 in California.  Even going this longer route, we only stayed about 12 hours ahead of some pretty gnarly weather.  We managed to arrive in Portland just a few days before Snowmaggedon 2017.

Our Airstream left Florida a week after we did and was not so lucky.  It hit some heavy snow, ice, and really cold temperatures – which resulted in the demise of our water heater and the pretty dirty exterior pictured above.


Fortunately, we have awesome family that is putting us up until our new water heater arrives and we can get it installed.

So far we have not found an RV park to call home.  The closest to work for us has some pretty good reviews and does allow monthly reservations, but it doesn’t allow campers to hook up internet through the on-site cable.  What about the WiFi you ask?  Well, they admittedly let us know the WiFi only works if you have a spot near the office, and even then you can’t stream anything.  So not really an option for us.

The other park is even nicer, allows monthly reservations through application, and does allow individual internet hook-up through the on-site cable.  Great, right?  No.  They have an owner preference policy that bans RVs that are over 10 years old – so our 2005 Safari missed that cut-off.  The do, however, make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for the off-season, but not in the summer.  So that my be an option for next Winter.

In the meantime, our Airstream is snugly parked as shown above in our family’s side yard and we are so happy to be home!

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